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The province of Burdur is located in the Western Mediterranean Region known as Lake District. Burdur is an important city of the Western Mediterranean Region in respect of its scenic beauties and cultural wealth. Researches conducted at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century shows that these regions of Anatolia have been inhabited since the prehistoric period. This situation is important for both the province of Burdur and the history of Anatolian culture because Burdur is one of the centers in which the first commercial activities and social organization took place.

There are various legends about the origin of the name “Burdur”. At first, Burdur was called as “Polydorion” during the Byzantine Empire period and was transformed to “Burdur” in due course of time. According to some resources, the ancient name of Burdur was “Limobrama” which meant “Lake City”, it was then transformed into Burdur. Another legend is that the name of Burdur depends on the Turkmen tribes who established the city of Burdur. Kınalı Oymak who was the founder of the city said “Heaven is here” when he found it and the word of “here” was transformed to Burdur in time.

Burdur is surrounded by the provinces of Antalya (to its east and south), Muğla (to its south-west), Denizli (to its west), Afyon and Isparta (to its north). Burdur which is a transitional area among the Aegean, Central Anatolian and Mediterranean Regions has been on the ways that connect the West Mediterranean to the Central Anatolia throughout the history.

The province of Burdur is an important transition center of folk, culture, social life, and even economy. The roads from the West and Central Anatolian to the Mediterranean and even Fethiye pass from the province of Burdur.

The tourism elements such as natural and historical wealth, climate, folk, agriculture, and nature are in the quality of advantage for Burdur. The three important tourism elements which are natural beauties, historical wealth, and folk of the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Central Anatolian enable the province of Burdur to become a touristic attraction center. Burdur is the city which reflects the characteristic of the Lake District better.

In addition to its historical beauties and natural wealth, Burdur is an education city. With its 98 % literate population and its success in national exams given to elementary and secondary school students (OKS and OSS), Burdur becomes popular.

The province of Burdur, famous for its progress in the field of ceramics and weaving, is also active nowadays in other fields such as education, animal husbandry, marble sector, tourism and others.

When you come to Burdur, please do not turn back without visiting Insuyu Cave and drinking its curative water, visiting the Sagalassos Antique City, the museum, the Taşoda and Çelikbaş mansions which are the examples of civil architecture of Ottoman period, eating “Hickory Paste” which is a kind of hickory dessert, “Burdur Şiş” which is special to Burdur, and salmon with yogurt on the way of the Sagalassos Antique City, and buying a copper gift from the Coppersmith Bazaar.