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A student-friendly city: Burdur

We are a universal university located in a nice campus in one of the intimate cities of our country with unique beauties and cultural heritages. MAKU, universally, has a respected academic staff and a tradition of perfection in research. And it is among the distinguished universities with more than 170 departments and tens of postgraduate programs.

A university of world standards

We gain our power from the high idealism of Mehmet Akif after whom our university is named and thus help you make your dreams come true. In MAKU, you can set your target, improve your career and decide to make a notable difference in society. You can enjoy the pride of being a part of the global MAKU family.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports Fields in International Standards

Throughout your education, you can benefit from lots of units consisting of semi-olympic swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, handball and soccer fields, squash, table tennis, fitness, step-aerobic-pilates, sauna and steam rooms, athletics and gymnastics, free gymnastics, badminton, far eastern sports, archery, folk dancing, and fitness halls designed in international standards. You can improve your physical and psychological performance with the guidance of proficient fitness instructors.

Modern Library with Rich Content

MAKÜ Library supporting traditional library services with the latest technological developments constitutes the substructure of educational activities and scientific research and development activities by meeting users' information needs in a short time and at maximum level. The library, which is one of the most modern structures of our country, has a closed area of 10,000 m2 and a seating capacity of 1,500 people.

Student Communities

With over 70 student communities, MAKU is one of the richest universities of Turkey in this respect. These communities offer our students a wide range of hobbies throughout their university education. At MAKÜ, which has a student community in almost every branch of science, culture and art, it becomes possible to produce something, to acquire new skills, and to develop your human relations by spending your time efficiently.

Social Life

At MAKU there are many scientific, artistic and cultural activities that both the university members and the people of Burdur follow with interest. The campus hosts colourful activities of national and internationally renowned artists and communities, as well as a large number of student communities. For this purpose, it is possible to participate in many kinds of activities from scientific conferences, concerts to exhibitions in almost every day at the MAKU Conference and Exhibition Hall, which has a capacity of 600 people.

An Internationalized University

Another important feature of MAKU is that it realizes scientific breakthroughs in a variety of fields such as Erasmus and Bologna processes, interuniversity collaboration protocols and interdisciplinary foreign-based research projects. While MAKU aims to be a university that has a grasp of local and national areas in the framework of its innovative axis and to have breakthroughs in international levels, it is also a university where exchange programs are utilized at the top level for students and academic staff in order to make them globalized individuals. Moreover, MAKU is an international university that accepts students from other countries such as the Balkans, Caucasus, and the Republics of the Middle-East and Turkey.

Erasmus and Farabi Programs

If you are an exultant student who wants to see different cities, countries, students and you aim to be very active during your bachelor degree and want to make use of the profits of being a student at the maximum level, MAKU is a perfect choice for you. Thanks to the agreements that MAKU has made with many domestic and abroad universities, you can study at different universities as an exchange student for a few semesters. Based on the agreements, you can have education in the universities in England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Austria, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, and in many other prestigious universities in other European countries for one or two semesters. Another opportunity for MAKU students is that they will be able to have education in domestic universities for one or two semesters. You can have education in prestigious universities in metropolitans in the framework of Farabi Student Exchange Program and you can contribute to your educational life. As an active university which is successful in terms of execution process of Farabi Student Exchange Program and students-academic staff mobility, MAKU presents opportunities to students.

Graduate affairs and Career Planning Office

MAKU presents opportunities to students in order to reach their future expectations and to have career plans for a happy and successful academic life. Career planning office informs future managers, artists, scientists, and engineers not only about professions and internship opportunities, but also the institutions and corporations where they are going to work. Moreover, MAKU strengthens communication webs among the graduates and informs them about the events and career opportunities that are prepared with the aim of both providing communication among the graduate students with each other and strengthening their relations with the university by updating the graduate information.


On MAEU campus there are dormitories which have 2288 male and 2776 female, in total 5064 bed capacity and belong to Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution. These dormitories, which are designed for modern life standards, present safe, spacious and comfortable dormitory atmosphere to students. In dormitories belonging to Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution, there are single, double and triple rooms including baths, toilets and refrigerators, and also there are specially designed rooms for disabled students. Furthermore, there are gyms, computerized and free unlimited internet libraries, music, art, drawing, computer, television, ironing, baggage rooms, laundry, courses and workshop classrooms, conference halls, chess rooms, refectories and canteens. Furthermore, there are so many private dormitories and apartments in the city center.

Food and Meals

MAKU is a university with a modern kitchen complex and numerous dining rooms. Protein and calorie values ​​of meals prepared by an experienced chef team under suitable hygiene conditions and dietician control are published on the website. There are many restaurants and cafeterias within the UniPark Shopping Center located at the student site of MAKU campus where students can spend good time with their friends while having their meals.


Burdur, which offers advantages with its geographical position and climate, is a city located at the middle point of Southwest Anatolia. Our city, which has many advantages in this sense, provides accessibility to important centers because of being located at the intersection of Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. Burdur is connected to Ankara, İzmir and Antalya by new and comfortable highways and to big cities by air. Moreover, it is also a preferred city with its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and continental climates and its mild climate away from the overwhelming warmth and freezing cold.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

The services aim to help students and university staff improve their life quality by improving their problem solving skills by providing psychological support for problems that they experience in individual, social and academic environments and contribute to the mental, emotional and behavioural development of individuals. The services provided in the Psychological Counselling Unit are free and offered through a psychologist.

Medical service

Medical and consultancy service are provided to students studying at faculties and colleges under our university. In our department four nurses work. Medical services such as dressing, tension measuring and first aid are provided. When needed, medical service is requested from 112. In emergencies first intervention is applied to the patients and if necessary they are transferred to medical centre which is related. Medical services are provided in one part of the head of Health Culture and Sport Department, Faculty of Veterinary and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. In addition, two family doctors and one nurse in the Faculty of Letters provide medical service to the students and staff of our university. First intervention is done to the students visiting our medical center if their families may or may not have social security and consultancy and guidance service are provided.


Techno cities base on the principle of contributing an optimal style to regional and national economy and triggering university’s sources and scientific segregation. For this purpose, Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University has included the techno city to its structure in terms of qualified human power and background facilities being used for creating economic values in the region, commercializing academic knowledge, utilizing local and regional sources, providing environment and support to the companies working in the field of innovative advanced technology and software development for their conducting research and development works.

Working Experince During Education

Within the Vocational Schools of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University,3+1 applied training model has been performed. In this model, the students graduate with a work experience after one-semester full-time applied vocational training in a working environment and three-semester theoretical courses. It also helps to meet the need of qualified work force in the global world.

Student Support Centre (ÖDEMER)

Student Support Centre(ÖDEMER) connects the students to the academic and administrative departments, with an aim of developing high- qualified student life. This centre, which aims to increase the quality of social life and satisfaction of the students, has been founded in order to support the student-centered education practice of MAKU, help the students by making protective and preventive studies on the problems that they may encounter during their developmental processes, ensure the students to use their potentials and make right decisions about their current problems.